About Lidia

The Lidia Edit is not another make-up blog. It is a 360° beauty blog, to talk about beauty inside and outside. The Lidia Edit is a new form of thinking about beauty.

How is beauty for me? It’s practical, because you need make it and live it everyday; it’s spontaneous, uncomplicated, true to myself, individual, and smart! Because I believe that every beautiful experience can and must be smart.

This is a blog where you will find the newest trends in cosmetics, but also new ways to consume what you have to fit those trends. Because I believe in a new type of consumption, a smarter and more sustainable one.

Me as a brunette, thinking of the infinite sadness of sticking to one pizza per week because I'm over 30 and I need a controlled diet.

Who is Lidia?
A 30-something Italian expat who has always lived in a world of colors.

Me at 3, clearly my mom's bronzer already.

I love travelling, and discovering new niche make-up. I buy some local cosmetics everywhere I go. I love eating (way too much, says my nutritionist), and I strongly believe that beauty is also what we feed to our bodies. Yes, I love colorful food too.
I speak Italian, English, French, German, Portuguese and Spanish, and this gives me access to global trends. My mission is bringing the best of them to you!

Are you a professional makeup artist?
Make-up is not my only interest. In my life I am actually a Doctor in Linguistics and a Digital Marketing and Sales Manager (currently in Germany).
I am available for self-makeup 1×1 customized courses to help women of all ages learn how to do their makeup for daily life events (work, events). I believe that everyone can be confident through beauty in their daily lives.
I am also available for personal shopping, because as a marketing professional I know what is coming next and what formulations get the best bang out of your buck.

How long have you been a blogger?

I started my first beauty blog from my dorm room in college with nothing but scholarship money, a wi-fi connection shared with 200 people, and a lousy compact camera.

I had a lot of passion for make-up, two brushes and a tiny bag full of products (mostly inherited by my aunts), and I was one of the first in Italy. Alice in a New Wonderland was born out of a desire to find like-minded people and two months after I received my first PR package.
Through that blog, I had many important collaborations and met some fantastic people at events:

I was even interviewed on bigodino.it:

Click on the image to discover the makeup I created for the interview

Interesting turn of events called a PhD, and moving abroad (twice) made it so that I stopped blogging for a while.

The Lidia Edit is my big come back: with my domain, my new style as a professional and a better camera for photos 🙂 Because it’s never too late to start chasing your dreams…beautifully!