What is babylights hair? Everything you need to know

My hair after babylights

Babylights Hair Definition

Babylights hair is a foil highlights technique to dye your hair blonde. Babylights can be done on brown hair, as you will see in the video below with a before and after of my babylights hair. 

Is Babylights the same as balayage?

As far as babylights v. balayage goes, you can definitely see it’s not the same from the before and after video. 

In the beginning I have a balayage (with long roots) that was poorly executed as my hair turned auburn though I used specific products. The hairdresser used that base color and added two other colors to achieve my babylights: a cold light brown, and a neutral-to-cold light blond. 

Everything you need to know about babylights hair

Target: to achieve naturally lightened-by-the-sun effect. 

How: through foil highlights, with superfine strands, where the blond focuses on hairline and ends. 2 to 3 colors are used. 

Timeframe:  especially on a full head, are very time consuming – get ready for a 4-5 hours work. Get your book or tablet and bring it with you to the salon. 

Cost: expensive – 150 – 170 €

Maintenance: purple masks and hydrating products, especially for babylights on curly hair, like I have. 

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