Rosacea Sufferers: this Content is for You!


It’s only been two years I’ve been diagnosed with rosacea, and know what its correct treatment is. Before that, I spent a lifetime of low-self esteem and comments about how bad/tired/dirty my skin looked.

Obviously in an era vastly dominated by poreless pictures on Instagram and washed out videos on Youtube, everyone looks flawless but me.

As a rosacea sufferer, my face is covered in redness flushing, it has texture, it never seen a day without any bumps, and I have massively enlarged pores. All of that gets worse with triggers like diet (especially lactose), alcohol, age…and don’t get me started on rosacea and face masks!

Sounds familiar? Then I think you should really watch my video above (subs in English as well) to get some more information about this life-long chronic skin diseas that affects up to 20% of the population in some countries.

That number is likely to grow, as some people have rosacea without knowing it. They’ve believed they just have bad skin their all life; they keep treating their skin in the wrong way using products and eating foods that can deteriorate the situation.

When you look at yourself in the mirror, you constantly look tired. 90% of rosacea sufferers report the condition affects their self-esteem. Because the truth is: people are often quick to judge and offer unsolicited advice along with wrong products. Rosacea is often confused with acne vulgaris, but rosacea treatment is completely different. We don’t think our skin’s an organ and see a dermatologist as a luxury doctor.

Skin is an organ, in fact, it is our largest organ and as such it serves many purposes. A dermatologist isn’t luxury: it’s a necessity like every other doctor. Only your dermatologist can give you the right treatment for your rosacea.

There’s a general lack of information about skin diseases, and people look at you as if you were a freak or a dirty person when you have one. So to fight all these preconceived ideas, I talk about rosacea twice a month on my Instagram account. You can find product reviews there and on this blog.

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