4 Easy Tips for Color Matching Outfits and Makeup



One of the most frequently asked questions for me is “Lidia, what’s your secret to knowing how to match clothes and makeup?“.

Short answer: I think about the color wheel.

Long answer: when you know how to match colors, everything becomes much easier. The best way for you to learn and train your eyes to color matching is undoubtedly understanding how colors are made through a color wheel.

Learning how a color wheel works will make a difference in matching outfits, makeup, and also home decorations. So make sure you read until the end to learn 4 easy tips for color matching outfits and makeup.



A color wheel is the base to understand how to add colors and match colors in our looks: both for outfits and makeup, but also in home decor.

In fact, the color wheel tells you exactly how colors are composed from primary colors to tertiary. This alone is very important because we, as humans, are made of colors and we can recognize our skintones, undertones and so on. 

As you will see from the infographics below, primary colors are essentially blue, red, and yellow. Every other color we know is a combination of two or more of those three colors.

The combinations of primary colors are said to be secondary colors, and when we add more colors, or black and white to secondary colors, we have tertiary colors.

When you understand how the color wheel works, new horizons will open up to you: you will know immediately how to match clothes and makeup, with great color combinations that will make everyone scream “she/he’s so stylish!”.



It’s fundamental to understand that the color wheel itself reveals 4 types of color combinations: monochromatic, analogous, complementary, triadic. Let’s look at them one by one.

When colors are in opposite directions, we have a harmony/combination of colors called COMPLEMENTARY.For instance, blue and orange are opposite sides of the circle, and form a great color combinations. An example of that was this makeup I posted on Instagram (follow me here!)

When I first opened the account, my name was Beautyrecessionista

When colors are side by side of one another, the color combination is said to be ANALOGOUS.

A great example would be this nail art made by Shannon (@shaaandiego) on her Instagram:


When colors form a triangle, this combination si called TRIADIC.

Variations of the same colors are called MONOCHROMATIC combinations.

A perfect example of a triadic combination is the swimsuit I’m wearing in the following picture (brand: Universo Vivire):


Now that you understood everything about colors and color combinations, you’re ready to rock!

Your outfits will never be the same, your makeup will look professional, your clothes and makeup will be in harmony with your skintone, your hair and eye color!

I resumed everything on this post on instagram, so make sure you check it out and follow me there too!

If you have any questions, drop me a message in the comments or on instagram. I love talking to you guys!


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