Holidays in Cala Gonone: hotels, restaurants, what to do


Cala Gonone is a small and quaint seaside town in the island of Sardinia, where you can definitely spend the most relaxing and beautiful holidays of your life. The beaches are at your footstep, the people are surprisingly kind and professional, and the choice of hotels and restaurants can sometimes be overwhelming.

This is why I hope that this little guide will help you out.


Your hotel in Cala Gonone

As you can see from my vlog (click to watch!), we only stayed in Cala Gonone for 3 days.

At the beginning we had booked a room in the Club Esse Palmasera through However, after having tried to contact them for more than 2 weeks via phone and telephone without any kind of reply for them, we cancelled our reservation. The hotel exists, it’s big, and it’s a very beautiful property with facilities on the beach, but their lack of professionalism has put us off. 

This is why we ended up staying at Pop Hotel, located opposite to the marina. Pop Hotel has a completely different vibe: it’s a white building with the typical seaside look, and it’s not the newest one.Comfortable enough, Pop Hotel in Cala Gonone was the cleanest hotel I have ever been in my entire life.

The staff is amazingly good, very helpful, with genuine manners and professionalism. I am Sardinian and even I was surprised.

The bathroom was big enough, all rooms have a/c, TV, locker for valuables, wifi, and ours even had a balcony with a view of the marina.

This location was very practical for cruises and any other boat activity in the Dorgali coast.

The bed wasn’t the newest one, it was a mattress with springs, but for 3 days I really didn’t see it as a problem.


Restaurants in Cala Gonone

The whole town is filled with good restaurants, which either have good views or good very creative decoration. In any case they all have good food.

Most of the restaurants belong to hotels, and the ones located in the seaside promenade, also have tables right on the beach.

We have tried La Favorita, a very artsy restaurant with creative decorations, and perfumy toilets (I needed to add this detail, because I know some people are very put off by public toilets), which offers a very good selections of seafood and meat, and also traditional food from Sardinia.

We had culurgiones (a traditional type of pasta with filling) and grilled fish, with a side of roasted potatoes. To accompany all that, we selected a white vermentino wine called Funtanaliras, also traditional of Sardinia.

Everything was really delicious, dishes were full, and prices were somewhat standard for the town.

Beware that side dishes are to be purchased on top of your fish/meat, and that’s typical of Italy. Every meal comes with bread, but you need to purchase bottled water, because tap water isn’t drinkable in Sardinia.

On the second night we ate at 4 Mori, which is marketed as a traditional restaurant. I personally find it less traditional than “agriturismo” restaurants, but there were some dishes from the Sardinian tradition. Slightly more expensive, 4 Mori offers dishes that mix gourmet cuisine and tradition, and I really appreciated it.

For that meal, we chose a good old Ichnusa (Sardinian beer), and I can definitely suggest 4 Mori as a good restaurant in Cala Gonone.


What to do in Cala Gonone

There are really so many water activities to do in Cala Gonone, if you walk along the promenade you will find all of the offers you need.

However, if like us you have very limited time there, I highly recommend you take a mini cruise of the Dorgali Coast.

We chose a mini cruise with the motor yatch Pegaso1. This cruise had several stops in the most beautiful places I’ve ever seen: Cala Mariolu, Cala Luca, Cala Sisine, Cala Goloritzè and the caves “Grotte del Bue Marino”. I highly recommend you to watch my vlog to have an idea of how it is.

Don’t miss the opportunity to see where you’ll go for your next holidays 🙂

I hope all my reviews and suggestions were useful, and don’t forget to subscribe to my Youtube channel for more interesting content.


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