5 Easy Tips for a Flawless Base (with video)


In the age of Instagram makeup there’s a lot of preoccupation with learning how to do cut-creases and smokey eyes, but the first thing we really need to master for our daily lives is achieving a flawless base.

No eye look will ever be great if it’s not inserted in it’s proper canva: the skin. In this post, I will share with you my tips and tricks on how to FAKE A GORGEOUS SKIN and give a professional touch to your make up.

You can complement these tips with my Youtube video (below), that will show you how exactly to apply contour, highlight and blush  and…a secret product that is GUARANTEED to CHANGE YOUR LIFE.


5 Easy Makeup Tips to Achieve a Flawless Base

Let me start by saying what everybody says, because it’s the objective truth: YOU MUST HAVE A GOOD SKINCARE ROUTINE.

Some people have good skin by nature, some others by an accurate skincare routine, and some others – despite their skincare routine and healthy eating habits – have clean, but textured skin due to a number of factors. 

Whether you’re case 1, 2, or 3, it doesn’t really matter. I’m going to give you 5 easy tips that can be used by ANYONE to give your base a flawless, professional touch.

I’ll focus on primer, foundation, concealer and corrector, and powder in this post. For contouring, highlighting, and blush tips, watch my Youtube video (below).


No foundation base using only light reflecting creams and powders
  1. PRIMER: Do you need to shrink your pores, or do you need an extra boost of glow? Hybrid products like the Charlotte Tilbury Hollywood Flawless Filter are so light-reflecting that they achieve both. In any case: LET YOUR PRIMER DRY.

  2. FOUNDATION: the best type of foundation is the liquid type, because it allows you to layer, and even the most matt formulas leave the skin somewhat luminous. Pay special attention to the consistency: foundation MUST BE THIN, even in high-coverage products. A thick base will always create skin texture.
  3. FOUNDATION 2: if you use a sponge, dab it on your face. If you use a brush, dab first to spread the product, and then buff with circular motions to blend it.
  4. CONCEALER AND CORRECTOR:  don’t use too much concealer. The more you use, the more ashy everything will look. Why? Because you need to CORRECT FIRST with a PEACH CORRECTOR, and then ILLUMINATE with the CONCEALER of your skin color, or 1 shade less.
  5. POWDER: choose a thin powder, doesn’t matter if compact or loose. DAB IT WITH A SPONGE OR WITH A BRUSH. Don’t swipe.

Now that you learned the basics, watch my step-by-step Youtube video for a flawless base with contour, highlighter, blush and…well a “secret ingredient” that makes everything better.


Stay Safe, Stay Beautiful.

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