The Solution to Skin Breakout and Dryness during COVID19 Quarantine


My skin is experiencing breakout and dryness during this quarantine. I know yours is too, because I talk to you on social (click here, follow me, and get in touch!).

If you want to know why your skin is breaking out during quarantine, and how to fix the problem, keep reading!

The problem(s)

Have you been experiencing the following conditions?

  • impurities
  • skin breakouts
  • oil production
  • dehydration
  • larger pores

I have all of them together.

I didn’t know what to think or what to do. All I knew is that, much like my mood swings, it could be related to the fact that I’m confined at home, with very little sun and fresh air.

I talked about it with my friend and skincare expert, Rosangela Pappalepore (you should follow her too, because her instagram is super useful and creative) . Here’s what she told me.

The causes

At the moment, due to the COVID19 pandemic, many of us all over the world are in quarantine. What makes our skin breakout during quarantine?

Let’s examine the situation: we are confined in our apartments, we don’t see the sun very often, and some of us don’t have gardens or balconies to enjoy enough fresh air during the day. Plus, many of us are working from home and are facing screens 16 hours a day.

It doesn’t help that even the healthiest of people are indulging a little bit more with food.

Yes, what’s causing our problem is the lack of Vitamin D (sun), and Oxygen (from the air).

That causes our sebum to obstruct our pores, dehydrating our skin, but making it oily at the  same time (because of overproduction), and that leads to black heads and pore enlargement.

We have now what is known to be asphyxiated skin.

The solutions

We have said so far that our skin became asphyxiated: it’s dehydrated, but also oily in some places, pores are larger and skin has many breakouts.

It’s a lot of different things at the same time, isn’t it? How do we treat it?

How can we hydrate it deeply, but take care of the oil and breakout?

Obviously, we must change our skincare routine immediately. Rosangela suggested going back to basics and cutting off a lot of extra steps, and introducing salicylic acid in my routine.

Salicylic acid alleviate acne and skin breakouts, and penetrates deeply providing anti-inflammatory effects.

Because most stores are closed, she suggested turning to La Roche Posay and other parapharmacy brands to get new products.

I then opted for the Effaclar line from La Roche Posay, and a fantastic tonic lotion from Nuxe.

La Roche Posay Effaclar H cleansing cream: physiologic PH, made for over-drying treatments (so restores your hydration level), contains anti-inflammatory salicylic acid, and niacinamide to get rid of black heads and large pores.

La Roche Posay Serozinc: a zinc spray to absorb oil and helps with redness, pores, and sebum.

Nuxe Very Rose Peeling Lotion: to gently exfoliate, and help cell renewal. Contains glycolic, salycilic, and lactic acid.

La Roche Posay Effaclar Mat moisturizer: helps with over production of sebum, mattifies, and reduce the apparence of large pores (with silicones, I must tell you).

I also use a hyaluronic acid serum to avoid drying my skin out, but I am not 100% sure this is helpful.

I hope this was helpful to you

Stay safe, stay home, stay beauty!

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