Brazil Guide: Five Brazilian Cosmetic Brands You Must Buy


If you follow me on Instagram (if you don’t, what are you waiting for? It’s free, and it’s fun: @thelidiaedit) you know I was recently in Brazil, so here is a list of the best five Brazilian cosmetic brands. If you’re travelling to Brazil too, you might want to check them out!


São Paulo based Océane is a complete beauty brand. What I mean by it is that they sell make up, skincare, hair care, and tons of accessories that make your daily approach to beauty much simpler.

They have a special make up line designed by Brazilian top influencer, Mariana Saad, which features extraordinary longlasting eyeshadow palettes, glitter eyeshadows, highlighters, and amazing quality synthetic brushes.

Unfortunately, their flagship stores are only in SP, but they are sold in many other department, and perfume stores (for instance, Lojas Americanas, Riachuelo, Renner, Igabeleza) and on their website.

The 9Shades and 12Shades palettes, some brushes by the Mariana Saad line.

Linha Bruna Tavares

Professional make up artist and brazilian top beauty blogger, Bruna Tavares has also launched her own brand.

Her focus is innovation, professional use, and nice packaging. Overall, I think influencers are the only ones who invest in packaging, as most other brands have very minimal, drugstore like packaging (but good products nonetheless). I love her glosses and mascara, but her eyeshadows are also great quality.

O Boticário

The second largest cosmetic firm in Brazil, launched in the 70’s and now available in many countries of Latin America and Europe (you can find it in Portugal).

They are specialized in scents: perfumes and body lotions, but they also recently launched skincare for the face, haircare and make up.

One of my favorite perfumes and body moisturizers of the whole world is their Elysée Nuit.

Elysée Nuit cream and perfume (img from google)

Lola Cosmetics

This brand is specialized in haircare and has tons of products for curly and afro hair. Their products are vegan, silicone and paraben free, and have amazing smells.

I personally am a great fan of their Pinga! Before-and-after-shampoo oils with UV and heat protection. Their smells are sublime and they are very cheap in Brazil.

image credits:

L'Occitane au Brésil

Among the best five cosmetic brands in Brazil there is an exclusive Brazilian line of France’s L’Occitane en Provence, with smells and prices we dream of here in Europe.

Their perfumes and body lotions are amazing. I particularly love Agua di Coco for the summer.

img from Google

More brands and final considarations

When you enter Brazilian cosmetic stores, you will notice most brands don’t have the same style of packaging we have here in Europe.

Most makeup brands have a very minimal, drugstore, plastic packaging. That doesn’t take away anything from the products. Other brands worth trying: Vult, Ruby Rose, Tracta, Quem disse Berenice? for makeup. Phytobelle and Meus Cachos for haircare.

I hope this guide was useful.

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