Meg Jewels Soutache Earrings: Review, Photos, Prices, Opinions


I discovered Meg jewels soutache earrings in 2015, and I immediately fell in love with their original style. It was very rich and intricate, but somehow also delicate.

Although at that time I was already living in France, I was pleasantly surprised to discover that such a beautiful artwork was made in my hometown, Olbia (Italy) by founder and creative designer Eleonora Catrocci.

Last summer, while on vacation at home in Olbia, I bought my first pair of “meggies”.

My Meg Jewels Baby M collection

Meg Jewels soutache earrings are unique

Each piece is delicately hand sewn; each collection has a different inspiration, and it’s virtually impossible to have the exact same jewel twice because it’s an artisanal creation.

Nowadays there are many other soutache jewelry creators, but I’ve always found Meg Jewels to have a unique taste. The mix of made in Italy silk and viscose with premium stones, Swarowski crystals, and pearls. You can definitely see that she only uses high quality, certified materials which makes her creations stand out for their beauty…and sometimes for their prices too.

Baby M by Meg Jewels

Speaking about price, Meg Jewels has recently launched a more “affordable” line of charm earrings called “Baby M” that retail for 35,00€.

Available in many different colors, with both Swarowski or pearls, Baby M’s are a cool concept. You buy your first pair with the hoops, and you can buy as many charms as you want to have a Baby M pair of earrings for every outfit. Plus, you can also sport the hoops on their own, so you really get more bang for your bucket!

My first pair was the beige one pictured below, and it came with me to different cities in Italy, France, and Germany.

to show meg jewels soutache earrings
Click on the image for details of this look

After I sported her earrings in tons of my instagram pictures, Eleonora decided to send me 2 pairs of charms: the rust-colored ones with mirrored crystals, and the cream ones with pearls.

I was really touched by this kind token of appreciation, and I would like to use this space to thank Eleonora for her sweetness. I was not paid for this review (nor was a review ever required of me!), so I really want you to know that these are my honest opinions about the jewels and the brand in general.

close up of the Baby M
Baby M in rust with mirrored Swarowski crystals

More than soutache earrings

Meg Jewels has a big catalog including necklaces, bracelets, headbands, and even leather bags!

Where to buy Meg Jewels

You can find Meg Jewels in her ONLINE SHOP (international shipping), and in different boutiques around Italy (contact her directly to know if your city has one retailer).

The best place you can buy from, though, is her wonderful little boutique and atelier in Via Porto Romano in Olbia. The minimalistic and clean space will make you focus on each piece.

Meg Jewels: final opinions and information

Overall, I think Meg Jewels is a hip up-and-coming brand that deserve a big space in fashion.

I love the selection of materials and the very precise work in sewing everything together by hand. The inspirations are always original and colorful. Everything reminds me of Sardinia: the lights of the stones, the cheerfulness of the textiles. There’s even a Terra Mia collection, with clear inspiration from Sardinian traditional costumes.

The pieces are also very delicate, so don’t play around with them, and try to let makeup and perfume dry before wearing them.

Finally, let me spend a few words on customer service. Meg Jewels is very active on social media, and they always reply to questions very quickly. They are always there to patiently help you if you have any problem with their jewels. I had a terrific experience with that too, which makes me trust the brand even more.

I hope this was helpful, and if you buy from Meg Jewels because of this post, tag them and me (@thelidiaedit) on Instagram!

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