10 Beauty and Fashion Lessons Every Woman Needs in Her 30’s


Today I’m sharing with you 10 beauty and fashion tips for your 30’s as a beauty insider, and especially as your virtual good friend.

Thing is: this January 10 I turned 36, and I wish I had a friend who shared all these things with me while my skin and body changed dramatically turning 30. So let’s get on it….

1. Less is more

It became a popular saying for a reason: the more makeup you pile on, the older you look. Instead, work with thin layers and add up only where you need more coverage or texture.

Banish full coverage unless you have adult acne. If you do have it, then use full coverage only where the spots are.

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I use 7 base products, but in thin layers. Click on the picture to find out how I do it.

2. Don't powder under the eyes

When we hit our 30’s our skin starts getting drier and that results in loss of elasticity, which leads to fine lines.

If you powder your under eye area, then you’re gonna make it look even drier. Most likely, you will set your creases instead of your concealer. The result? Your fine lines will look like wrinkles.

Do we want that? No!

So DO NOT – I repeat – DO NOT powder under the eyes.

3. Invest in a good eye cream and concealer

This lesson is strictly correlated to the one above: instead of powdering, invest in a good eye cream which will hydrate your skin. Then, invest in a good concealer that doesn’t crease ridiculously and hasn’t got a dry formula.

I use the Mac Studio Fix 24-Hour Smooth Wear Concealer (such a mouthful) and it has those characteristics. I’m all ears if you have any recommendations on great concealers.

4. Don't use the Baking Technique

If you’re a drag queen, go for it. If you work in theater, go for it. If you’re none of the above, don’t freaking bake.

Use a setting spray like the Urban Decay one. And if you want to see a special technique on how to use setting sprays, then let me know and I’ll put out a tutorial for you guys.

5. Cream blushers and finishing powders are your best friends

Because our skin is drier when we’re 30, we may want to invest in a good cream to powder blush. This can be use alone for a glowy cheek, or as a base for a powder product (which is dry, and dry on dry just fades away very quickly). My favorite is this the Bubble Blush by Guerlain

For the same reason, finishing powders are a necessity to take away the cakey look of setting powders and to give an overall glow that unifies all our base work. My favorite powder is the Guerlain Météorites, which are pricy as hell, but I’ve had the same one since 2015 (pi$ off PAO!).

You can’t see finishing powders when you wear them. However, if you don’t wear them, you’ll notice.

6. You can and should still wear shorts and mini skirts

I promised beauty and fashion tips for your 30’s, so let’s talk about fashion for two seconds.

I love mini skirts and shorts. I wear them all the time and I feel my best when I do. See, you can still wear shorts and mini’s in your 30’s.

Just make sure they go past your thighs, please. We want shorts, not panties. Want some inspiration for mini skirts? Here are my 3 ways to wear a gold mini skirt.

7. Above the knee skirts age you

Unless they’re pencil skirts. In that case, they still age you but with class and sassy.

8. High waist is your best friend

At 30, everyone puts a little bit more flesh on the hips and belly. Why not turn it into a strength, using high waisted pants?

If you’re curvy, try high waist mom jeans. My favorite is the Marcel cut by Promod.

9. Jumpsuits are your best friend too

Jumpsuits are the timeless fashion statement. They’re easy to wear, easy to style (you can even wear them with Stan Smith-like sneakers and they still look fashionable!), and they hide unwanted love handles and belly.

Do you need any more reasons?

10. Invest in classic key pieces

A good bag, a black blazer, a white t-shirt. When you go for neutrals, they will never be out of style, we’ll always use them in one combo or another.

Good pieces of dainty jewelry are also worth investing in. My all time favorite brand for this is Paris’ MileMila, which creates stainless steel jewels finely coated with gold.

There you have my 10 beauty and fashion tips for your 30’s that every woman needs to know.

I hope you enjoyed this post, and if you did, share it with your 30 year old friends!

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